Be sure to check out the 4 panels AUTOTESTCON has to offer, including the DoD ATS Exeuctive Plenary Session

Tuesday, September 12

8:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Cyber Security Panel

The purpose of the panel is to consider technology and processes that can be adopted by the test and measurement industry to enhance the cyber security of Automatic Test Systems (ATS).  Topics include:

  • How is ATS cyber security different from other information systems? 
  • What are the most stubborn obstacles to secure networks and how are we working to overcome them?
  • Is encryption enough?

 The panel will consist of three papers followed by panel discussion that brings in additional ATS and Cyber Security industry experts into the discussion.  Each paper presenter will provide a 15 minute presentation of their paper as well as participate in the Panel Discussion. The Panel will conclude with an Audience Question and Answer session.

Moderator: Kevin LeBeau (Lockheed Martin, USA)

Paper Presenters:

  • Karanam Dayananda (North Dakota State University, USA) presenting Testing Automation for an Intrusion Detection System
  • Robert Mixer (National Instruments, USA) presenting Security Compliance of Test Systems - A Practical Approach
  • Neal Young (BAE Systems, USA) presenting Cyber security for Automatic Test Equipment


  • Chris Reisig (Boeing, USA)
  • Steve Schink (Keysight Technologies, USA)
  • Mike Seavey (Northrop Grumman, USA)

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

DoD Executive Plenary Panel with ATE Management Board

Wednesday, September 13

1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Outlook of Modular Instrumentation in the T&M Industry Panel

What is the status and outlook for VXI, PXI, LXI, and AXIe instrumentation? Has modular instrumentation become the defacto standard of automated test? In what applications? What does this mean for Mil/Aero applications in particular? Five industry experts will give brief presentations on these topics followed by an interactive panel discussion.

Moderator: Bob Helsel (PXI Systems Alliance; VXIbus, LXI and AXIe Consortia; President, Bode Enterprises, LLC, USA)


  • Reggie Rector, Co-Chair, PXISA Marketing Committee; National Instruments
  • Dr. Fred Blönnigen, CEO, Bustec Production; Bustec Director, VXIbus Consortium
  • Chris Miller, Chairman of the Board, AXIe Consortium, Keysight Technologies
  • Steve Schink, Chairman of the Board, LXI Consortium; Marketing Planner, Keysight Technologies

Thursday, September 14

8:00 AM - 9:30 AM

TPS Life Cycle Panel

The purpose of the panel is to consider technology, standards, and processes that can be adopted by the test and measurement industry to reduce TPS life cycle costs and increase information reuse in order to achieve a significant reduction in creating, supporting, and maintaining Automatic Test Systems (ATS) and their associated Test Program Sets (TPSs).  In addition, the panel will consider the issues that prevent savings today and the obstacles that exist for improvements and changes.


The panel will provide valued insight from integrators and OEM of ATS and TPS developers describing the processes they used and obstacles they encountered. In addition, the new challenges foreseen for the future that would hinder improvements will be discussed.  The TPS Life Cycle panel will focus on what is needed for TPS support and potentially how to reduce its cost over the life cycle for future requirements and the requirement for system approaches.

Expected topics could cover

    • Data availability
    • Configuration management and document quality
    • Acquisition process
    • Missing pieces (at the system level)
    • Hidden cost or proprietary solutions
    • Increased support with reduced costs
    • Risk factors
    • Support posture/LORAs (Level of Repair Analysis)
    • Information Assurance
    • Cyber security considerations

Moderator: Chris C Gorringe (SPHEREA Technology Ltd., United Kingdom)


  • Steve Kelly, DECA/MOD from the UK on the TPS Sustainability
  • Rick Freeman,  Lockheed Martin on TPS support
  • Ion Neag, Reston Software on Common Development Environment Tools and their use of test standards
  • Jean-Christophe Hertzog,  MBDA – Need for system approach to support TPS developer